Spring is here! What better time to improve your home’s appearance and keep your apartment looking nice and fresh for those summer months to come?  It is always a good idea to perform more thorough cleaning from time to time and to get rid of the old stuff, de- clutter, and promote not only a cleaner, but healthier environment for yourselves and your family. The good news is that spring cleaning doesn’t have to be so difficult and boring. With the right plan, you can make this chore more interesting and even fun. In order to save you some time and help you with this process we will provide few efficient tips on tackling spring cleaning in your apartment. Good organization Before you start with this process, take care of the mess all over your apartment. Are there any magazines on your sofa? Do you have newspapers under the table? Are there any unpaid or paid bills on your kitchen cabinet? So, first step is getting organized!  Use letter holders, or files to store loose papers and documents away in drawers or file cabinets. If you are a fan of reading newspapers and magazines, buy a magazine rack. Next, assemble cleaning products. It is very inconvenient to start cleaning and find out that you need a polish that is located in the other part of your apartment, or that is not in your apartment at all. Check whether you have all the products you need like soaps, detergents, cleaning sprays, gloves, brushes, polish and other products and carry all these things with you in every room. Use gloves Modern cleaning products contain different ingredients. Even the ones that don’t contain harsh chemicals can irritate or dry your skin. Wearing gloves is a must. Start with the highest objects It’s all about gravity. In other words, when you dust higher surfaces, everything goes down. Begin by cleaning the cupboards’ tops, the chandeliers, lights and anything located up and continue down. Once you finish with everything else, clean the floor. Fragrance and flowers When you clean your apartment, you can make it more vivid by adding a few vases filled with flowers. Spring gives us many beautiful flowers that last for a long time. Spring transformation In case you were planning to buy new towels, floor mats, curtains, blinds and sheets, spring is the perfect time to do this. If you purchase these things your clean apartment will look even more attractive, organized and pleasant. We hope that these tips will help you improve your home and quality of life!