So, you have finally rented an apartment at Summerfield Apartment Homes, but you are not sure how to decorate it? The decoration of any apartment home usually depends on the size and your personal style. However, there are some tips that can be applied regardless of these factors. Now let’s point out some of the most important ones.
  1.  Choose the right colors: Before you choose the colors schemes, look at some photos. Choosing carpets, throw pillow, lighting décor all can make a room look beautiful. Is it a small room or big room? Do you want there to be a mix of colors? We like to mix dark furniture with bright colored accents.
  2. Keep it uncluttered: Many people make the same mistake and buy many pieces of furniture in order to enrich the space. This is not a wise move because it will make any room look smaller and it won’t feel as comfortable. In addition, many people push the furniture against the walls. The sofa should always be a little bit drawn out in a small room and even more if the room is big. Remember that the main objective is to create a cozy atmosphere in which people will gather and enjoy a pleasant conversation. You need to keep the space uncluttered and create a feeling of warmth and intimacy.
  3. Use mirrors: In case your rooms are not very big, you can always use mirrors to make them appear bigger. Make sure that you have positioned the mirrors in the right way.
  4.  Use plants: The natural beauty of plants is indispensible in adding cheerful and vibrant atmosphere in any room. The best part is that plants are not very expensive. Visit several local florists and try to imagine how some of the plants you see will fit in your rooms. You can also consult the florist. The climate in New Orleans makes the maintenance of most plants very easy.
  5. Find proper lighting: Proper use of lighting will enrich your living and working space. One of the most common mistakes people make when decorating their apartments is to use only one type of lighting for all the rooms. Of course this is the easiest option, but keep in mind that discreet table or floor lamps can provide a strong feeling of warmth.|
  6. Use the Internet: If you want to find additional ideas, you should definitely use the Internet. The Internet has become the ultimate tool for gathering information. Websites like Pinterest and can provide the necessary inspiration and motivation for this process.
We hope that these tips will ease this challenging task. Those looking for local places where they can buy furniture and décor should check Bon Marche (, Orleans Super Home Center ( and Cost Plus World Market ( Have you recently decorated your apartment at Summerfield Apartment Homes in New Orleans? Tell us your tips!