Top 4 food trucks in New Orleans It seems that food trucks have become one of the most important aspects of New Orleans’ lifestyle. The number of food trucks is constantly growing and you can’t walk far without seeing at least one of these interesting structures. It is interesting to know that the concept of food trucks was developed by the Dutch who used the first truck (pushcart back then) in the late 17th century. Back in those days, people used these carts only when they had to because the food was not very tasty. Luckily, modern food trucks, especially the ones in New Orleans, are offering very tasty food and those interested in using a food truck can find more than one type of meal. People in New Orleans are very busy and they rarely find time to sit in a restaurant. On the other hand, New Orleans food trucks are offering more than a hotdog or chicken wings – you can find all kind of meals on their menu. The best food trucks in New Orleans offer high-quality food, so it is no surprise why we can often see lines waiting to be served. There are many excellent food trucks, but we will focus on the 4 that you should not miss. Fat Falafel The name of this food truck will certainly ignite a food craving. Fat Falafel was opened about 3 years ago and what is interesting about it is the meat-free menu. Customers can choose only vegetarian meals, but these meals based on falafel are delicious. These meals come with different herbs and spices which are probably the main reason why these meals are unforgettable. Empanada Intifada The owners of Empanada Intifada are proud of the fact that this is the first food truck powered by solar energy. This means that you will eat food that was prepared in an eco-friendly way. Of course, the main food here is empanada – a delicious food that’s prepared fast. You can find this truck in the Bywater neighborhood. Foodie Call This truck is owned by two brothers who have previously worked in several restaurants. They have decided to use their experience to create their own business and it seems that they are doing quite well. People can choose from many different burgers, seasonal food, gourmet and few other meals (some of them are meat-free). They can also prepare some delicacies including porchetta and arancini. Frencheeze One thing that makes New Orleans attractive is the fact that this is the place where many cultures mix. For example, this popular food truck is based on the French cuisine. The truck itself can be easily recognized because it features images of French bulldogs. The most popular food here is the special grilled cheese sandwich. They have several variations which include different types of cheese. We hope that this article will encourage you to try some of the foods found in these popular food trucks in New Orleans, and please let us know your first hand opinions of these or others in the area.